The frontier
is an empty void
an unruly, wild area
that lays open
is yet unclaimed
by its rightful master

It is a lost space

Its inhabitants
(fierce and isolated creatures)
are incapable
of laying claim
over this remote and desolate landscape.

Their fates are lost
their lives characterized
by a bleak and desperate fortune.

The only conceivable destiny of this barren land, therefore,
is to be captured,
penetrated by a more powerful force.

To enlighten this black hole,
tormented by calamity, chaos, confusion, a civilizing mission
will appropriate this land,
which until now has been unowned,
free and disposable.

This place is full of tension.
Conditions are fluid.
In fact, fluidity is the constant
In their encounters, passengers exchange love, gifts, music.
People change their identities.
Languages intermingle.
Old dreams are shattered.
New projects arise.
Lines of resistance are traced.
It is a refuge, yet full of contradictions.

MIC | C is a shared experiment in the space of the frontier. It is an anonymous collective composed of migrant and immigrant artists, curators, and archaeologists. The goal of MIC | C is to occupy a permanent place in the liminal zone to tell its story from the inside. The frontier is imagined as a central marginality in which our identities, roles and our presence are challenged and a new diasporic community emerges in response.
At this time MIC | C is legally represented by Osservatorio Migranti Basilicata with whom the collective collaborates since 2014.

MIC | C è  un esperimento condiviso nello spazio della frontiera. È un collettivo anonimo composto da artisti, curatori, archeologi, migranti ed immigrati. L'obiettivo di MIC | C è di occupare un posto permanente nella zona liminale per raccontarla dall'interno.
La frontiera è immaginata come una marginalità centrale in cui le nostre identità, i nostri ruoli e le nostre presenze vengono messe in discussione e una nuova comunità diasporica emerge in risposta.
In questo momento MIC | C  è rappresentato legalmente dall'OMB (Osservatorio Migranti Basilicata) con il quale è entrato in contatto e collabora dal 2014.

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